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I've been asked many times to recommend a good place to buy cake decorating supplies.

But, I haven't mentioned anything yet, 'cause I hate to sound like a

But, with the price of gas these days, I'm doing more and more shopping on the internet.

Unfortunately, most of the larger online cake decorating supply houses are...impersonal at best. (It took over a week to get an answer from one of the most popular stores!)


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Then I found my new source.

I am so impressed with their service, I wanted to tell you about them:

(If you've already ordered from them, you know what I'm talking about!) They even have a link to a currency converter for international orders!


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Kay Kennemur, Big Spring, TX


The truth is, you can buy supplies almost anywhere. But, when a personal friend of mine needs something, I always recommend them because they have always treated me like a personal friend in return.

Sure, I want to get my supplies quickly, and from someone who can answer a question if I have one. But the service and courtesy they'veshown me puts them way above the rest.

They are my go-to store.

Even when I'm looking for something they might not carry, I always check with them first!

So, next time you need Mazipan and Almond Paste, Baking Strips, No-Color Vanilla Extract, Gum Paste, Meringue Powder, or Luster Dust, check 'em out!

And when you do, tell 'em Samantha sent 'cha!

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Happy decorating,

Samantha Mitchell, Co-Author
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