"You're About To Learn Tips That Most People Will Never Know About Decorating Cakes…"

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  • The tips that all professional cake decorators use every single day to get the icing on their Cake fabulously smooth, without lumps or bumps.

  • 5 of the most incredibly helpful tips that will help you create wonderful works of art worthy of winning any cake decorating contest!

  • Really simple methods for creating beautiful icing flowers. (YES! You too can make great looking roses!)

  • How even beginning bakers and decorators can get started and prepare incredible cakes in record time!

  • The secret recipe used for making the greatest tasting, easiest to use Fondant in the universe

  • And so much more...

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"Watch & learn all forms of Sugarcraft! From Icing Recipe to Cake Tips, and from buttercream to Wilton, you'll find decorating a cake easy - right here!"

What Others had to say

"I am very impressed with the videos, the information, the recipes etc. It is just brilliant. This will be my first time at trying this sort of thing, so can't wait to get started. So everything I have received through these e-books will help me out remendously. I know that when I need to make something, I just need to look up the answers and I'll have them. Thanks once again. Very impressed indeed."
- Tracy O,
Katy Texas
"I ordered volume 1 & 2, and I am glad that I ordered them, they are terrific and so are the videos. I can go back and read them as many times as I need or I can view the videos until I feel comfortable doing the demonstration. I already had some cake decorating classes but I had to travel 30 miles to get there. Your ebooks I can view right at home when I need them. Thank You,"
--Barb Dahl,
Corry PA
"I have purchased many books and videos with little results (and much practice). After watching your videos I not only saw a huge improvement in my cake decorating skills, but have also gained much more confidence... The videos are definately the best and easiest to follow!"
--Winter Uhlich,
Harrisburg, South Dakota